Product Category: Pump Hoists

Pump Hoist #21411

1976 Monitor M34 (2) Hyd. Jacks, Toolboxes, 2 Line Rig, Mounted On 2005 International, w/ DT466E. Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #21376

Monitor M33 Sandline, (2) Hyd. Jacks, Service Body, Pipe Racks, 5 Speed Transmission In Truck, Approx. 169K Miles, Power Windows / Locks, A/C & Cruise, Mounted On 1994 Ford 4 X 2, w/ 7.3L Diesel. Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #1121262

2003 Smeal 5T Sandline, Remote, Idle Control, Pipe Racks, (2) Hyd. Jacks, Spray In Bedliner, New Knapheide Service Box, Ranch Hand Bumper, Programmer For Better Fuel Milage / HP, Power Windows / Locks, A/C, CD Player, Automatic Transmission, 6,000 Miles, Tinted Windows, Mounted On 2015 Ford 4 X 4, w/ Powerstroke Diesel. Excellent Condition.

Pump Hoist #21383

1986 Monitor M33 Utility Body, Folding Wire Stand Mounted In Truck Bed, LED Work Lights, (2) Leveling Jacks, Inverter Mounted In Cab With Power Outlet Ran To Rear Of Rig, Inside Compartment For Battery Charger, 5 Speed Manual Trans., Mounted On 1997 Ford F350 4X4, w/ 7.3L. Approx. 240K Miles On Truck, Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #121362

PRICE REDUCED!!! G & R 3 Ton Unit, (2) Hyd. Jacks, Service Body, Pipe Racks, One Winch, Water Bumper, Mounted On 2001 Ford F450 2WD, w/ 7.3L Diesel. Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #1321262

2013 Hunke / Smeal 11T Hyd. Jacks, Sandline, Oil Cooler, Hyd. Breakout, Mounted On 1993 International, w/ DT466, Approx. 300K Miles On Truck. Excellent Condition.

Pump Hoist #321023

Smeal 32B (2) Jacks, Toolboxes, Working Condition, Mounted On 1964 Chevrolet.

Pump Hoist #21397

1972 Smeal 5T (1) Winch, Pipe Racks, Remote, Plumbing Is There For A Front Hyd. Jack, (2) Rear Hyd. Jacks, Mounted On 1986 Dodge, w/ 360 Gas.

Pump Hoist #3921324

1999 Smeal 6T (3) Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Sandline, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Power To Rear, Pipe Racks, 9' Service Body, Approx. 224K Miles On Truck. Mounted On 2000 Ford F550 4 X 4, w/ 7.3L Diesel.

Pump Hoist #21366

1997 Smeal 3T Service Body, Pipe Racks, (2) Jacks, Air Brakes On Truck, Mounted On 1997 Freightliner FL70. Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #420528

Smeal 3T One Winch, Cathead, (2) Hyd. Jacks, Mounted On Ford.

Pump Hoist #121406

1977 Smeal 5T Hoist Was Modified With Beefed Up Frame, (2) Hyd. Motors, Extended Mast To Pull 40' Pipe, Equivalent To 8T Pulling Capacity, Truck Engine Rebuilt But Truck Is Not Roadworthy, Mounted On Chevrolet, w/ 366.

Pump Hoist #321276

2000 Semco S6000, PTO, NO Deck Engine. One Owner, (2) Hyd. Jacks, Hyd. Power To Rear, No Sandline, Pipe Racks, Toolboxes, 154,262 Miles On Truck, A/C, RadioMounted On Ford F350, w/ V10 Gas. Very Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #21357

Shopbuilt, 6 Cyl. Ford Deck Engine. Crane Drawworks, 30' Derrick, Unit Has Lifted Approx. 10 Tons Without Any Problems, Mast Rating Unknown, Mounted On 1976 Chevrolet C65, w/ 366 Gas.

Pump Hoist #321310

Shopbuilt, 56' Derrick, Pipe Rack, (2) Hyd. Jacks, Mounted On 1999 Ford F450 4X4, w/ Diesel. Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #420383

Shopbuilt (Cyclone Style), (2) Pipe Racks, (4) Toolboxes, Derrick Scopes To 31'6", Spudding Beam, (2) Leveling Jacks, Current Owner Has Pulled Over 2,000 Lbs. With Hoist, Max Capacity Unknown, Mounted On 1987 Chevrolet C3500, w/ 350 Gas. Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #21233

Smeal 32B, PTO, NO Deck Engine. (2) Hyd. Jacks, (1) Winch, Pipe Racks, Toolboxes. Mounted On 1987 GMC, w/ 350 Gas. Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #20955

84 Smeal 5T PTO, NO Deck Engine. 9' Knapheide Utility Box, No Sandline, Remote, (2) Hyd. Jacks, New Chelsea PTO with Pump Hoses, Approx. 205K Miles, 5 Speed Transmission. Mounted On 2006 Ford F450 4 X 2, with V10 Gas. Good Condition.

Pump Hoist #21284

2006 Wellmaster, 6,000 LB. Single Line Pull, 32' Telescoping Derrick, Layback Allows 13' Reach, (2) Hyd. Jacks. Unmounted. Good Condition.