Rotary #721155 – 2011 Versadrill V1040TRX

1070/350 IR Compressor, C15 Cat 540 HP Deck Engine. 5,839 Hrs. On Deck Engine, 100 Hrs. On Brand New Air Compressor, 40K LB. Pullback, 22,000 LB. Pulldown, 3 Speed Tophead, (4) Hyd. Jacks, 15 Rod Carousel For 3 1/2″ Drill Pipe, Rod Rack, 12,000 LB. Main Winch With Hyd. Swing & Extend Jib Boom, 4,000 LB. Aux. Winch With Swing Jib, 25 GPM Bean Water Pump, 7 Gallon Oiler, Night Lights, (2) 6″ Hammer Holders, 18″ Aluminum Catwalk With Railing, Pro Heat Engine Heater, Carousel Back Loading Option With Wired Remote, 200 Gallon Fuel Tank, Compressor Clutch, Hyd. Quick Disconnects For Operating Aux. Mud Pump, Stand Pipe & Plumbing For Aux. Mud Pump, Table Mounting Brackets For Mud Pit, Brackets For Mud Pump, 400′ Of 3 1/2″ Drill Pipe, Warranty On Engine & Compressor To 10,000 Hrs. Mounted On Cat 315L Steel Tracks. Very Good Condition.

Rotary #721155